New: The Bullerjan cook


The new Bullerjan cook is bursting with function - in addition to being able to prepare food on a large hotplate, it also stores heat.
Thanks to the 6 cm thick fireclay lining (70 kg), the cook stores a large part of the heat generated during combustion and then releases it into the room where the stove is installed for a period of 4-5 hours after the fire in the stove has already gone out.


Der Kaminofen B4 wurde, wie auch der B3, von Sebastian Herkner entworfen. Der B4 zeichnet sich durch seine geräumige Brennkammer mit großer Sichtscheibe aus, die jederzeit einen ungestörten Blick auf das schöne, gleichmäßig und ruhig brennende Feuer ermöglicht. Aufgrund seiner geprüften Leistungen (6 kW, 8 kW und 10 kW) ist der B4 in fast allen Räumen einsetzbar.


Elegant, stilsicher und vielseitig ist das Design der Ofenserie B⁴ S stove series. Although a clear language of form and harmonious proportions are predetermined, an enormous selection of equipment variants allows the B⁴ S Elegant, stylish and versatile is the design of the new stove series B⁴ S. Although a clear language of form and harmonious proportions are given, the B⁴ S can be designed with an enormous selection of equipment variants in such a way that it either adapts unobtrusively and elegantly to the furnishing style or becomes a real eye-catcher. The B⁴ S achieves a highlyefficiency of 86 % with a nominal heat output of 5 kW. B⁴ S erreicht einen hocheffizienten Wirkungsgrad von 86 % bei einer Nennwärmeleistung von 5 kW.


The elegant, functional and space-saving B³ Keramik (3.9 to 6 kW) was designed by the internationally acclaimed designer Sebastian Herkner.
The heat storing cermics are hand made in Germany and available in many colours.


Just as efficient - but with a different look

The B³ Keramik MAX - the all-ceramic version


The outward functional form of the Bullerjan Free Flow has remained unchanged for more than 40 years now because it simply cannot be improved upon as a design for a pure hot air stove.

Free Flow FF17 With the new model FF17 we redesigned the combustion chamber.
Lined with high-quality vermiculite, the Free Flow 2017 (FF17) meets all emissions requirements currently in force in Germany and Europe.
Its distinctive shape is a prime example of well thought-out, highly performing and rigorously implemented functional design.
These properties have made the Free Flow one of the best known and most recognised stoves around the world.
Since 2017, the FreeFlow FF17 is also available as a “Basic” version with all types. In this variant, the stove is supplied without thermal safety cover. When operated as version Basic, only a distance to the sides of 70 cm must be observed.

B² FLEX MODEL 2017 - Best price now! This series was replaced by another model.

Der B² flex BOX (5 kW) ist bereits aufgrund seiner geringen Größe sehr flexibel einsetzbar. Der Ofen ist als Stahlversion verfügbar oder in verschiedenen Keramikverkleidungen.


Only online availabe! The Bullerjan dot impresses with its extravagant, individualized design.
The depth and the light lining of the lying combustion chamber creates a particularly impressive flame image. The large viewing window allows a full view of the calm and balanced combustion of the dot.
Technically, this stove exceeds all current requirements – its quality is convincing and sets standards.

Bullerjan Basic: BB1, BB2 and BB3

Only online availabe! This offer is perfectly tailored to customers looking for a simple yet attractive stove whose quality and performance characteristics match or exceed those of other products in the same price range.

The stoves of the series Bullerjan Basic are avaible only online at


New edition: Bullerjan Free Flow FF18
The classic - in big. Type 03 with 20 kW and type 04 with 30 kW - designed to heat even really large rooms.

Now also tested and certified according to BImScHV Level 2 in Germany, Art. 15a B-VG in Austria and Air Pollution Control Ordinance in Switzerland.