Bullerjan Free Flow FF18

Free Flow FF18 Typ 03 – 20 kW

Free Flow FF18 Typ 04
with pre-heating chamber

Free Flow FF18 Typ 04
with pre-heating chamber

Bullerjan Kaminöfen Free Flow FF18. Mit patentierter Verbrennungstechnik.

The Free Flow FF18 stoves type 03 with 20 kW and type 04 with 30 kW are designed for heating large rooms.

Type 03 heats approx. 580 m³ with average room insulation, type 04 even approx. 860 m³. With good room insulation, the heat output even increases considerably.


These large stoves are now also tested and certified of the German Federal Emissions Control Regulations Level II, the requirements in accordance for Art. 15a for Austria and the Swiss Fire Safety Regulations.

ModellFF18 Typ 03FF18 Typ 04
Depth104,0 cm145,0 cm
Width71,0 cm71,0 cm
Height90,0 cm90,0 cm
Total weight220 kg323 kg
Depth of combustion chamber 74,0 cm74,0 cm
width of combustion chamber 48,0 cm48,0 cm
height of combustion chamber 37,0 cm37,0 cm
Exhaust gas nozzleØ 16 cmØ 18 cm
Air supply nozzleØ 10 cmØ 10 cm
Height centre exhaust
gas nozzle rear ca.
65,0 cm65,0 cm
Height centre air supply nozzle ca.21,5 cm21,5 cm
Distance to combustible materials
to the rear
30 cm30 cm
Sides beside the stove20 cm20 cm
Sides up to 40 cm in front of the stove
50 cm50 cm
Front from viewing window120 cm120 cm
Nominal heat capacity20 kW30 kW
Delivery pressure12 Pa12 Pa
exhaust gas temperature at nozzle308 °C229 °C
Exhaus gas mass flow rate20,4 g/s21,5 g/s
Efficiency80 %87 %
CO (bez. 13 % O2)0,09 %0,09 %
CO (bez. 13 % O2)1125 mg/m31125 mg/m3
Staub (bez. 13 % =2)26 mg/m326 mg/m3
NOx /bez. 13 % O2)124 mg/m3108 mg/m3