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Bullerjan B4 S

Equipped as standard with 6mm thick steel side panel and 8mm thick steel top plate. Steel door to close the wood compartment included
Coating of the combustion chamber lining optionally in cream white or black.

Fire box lining Pipe connection to the top ...
Flue gas connection Pipe connection to the top ...
Indepent of room air (RLU) according to DIBt Pipe connection to the top ...
Zugbegrenzer Draftbox Pipe connection to the top ...


5 kW

Zugelassen für den Betrieb mit 5 kW
Tiefe/Breite/Höhe:                        43 cm / 50 cm / 123 cm
Gewicht mit Keramik+:                165 kg
Gewicht mit Keramikspeicher:   202 kg
Brennraumtiefe:                               25 cm
Exhaust gas nozzle ø: 15 cm
Air supply nozzle  ø: 10 cm
Höhe Mitte Abgasstutzen ca.: 110 cm
Zugbegrenzer Draftbox: Höhere Effizienz und nochmalige Emissionsverminderung durch die Draftbox.

All technical information

Optional complete independence of room air (Raumluftunabhängig RLU) in accordance with DIBt at no extra costs making it suitable for low energy and passive houses with controlled ventilation system. 

ModellB⁴ S steelB⁴ S ceramicB⁴ S ceramic+
Depth43,0 cm43,0 cm43,0 cm
Width46,0 cm48,0 cm50,0 cm
Height123,0 cm123,0 cm123,0 cm
Total weight165 kg174 kg180 kg
with storage material: 202 kg
Depth of combustion chamber 25,0 cm 25,0 cm 25,0 cm
Exhaust gas nozzleØ 15 cmØ 15 cmØ 15 cm
Air supply nozzleØ 10 cmØ 10 cmØ 10 cm
Height centre exhaust
gas nozzle rear ca.
110,0 cm110,0 cm110,0 cm
Height centre air supply nozzle ca.47,0 cm47,0 cm47,0 cm
Distance to combustible materials
to the rear
20 cm20 cm20 cm
Sides beside the stove40 cm40 cm40 cm
Sides up to 40 cm in front of the stove
30 cm20 cm20 cm
Front from viewing window90 cm100 cm100 cm
Nominal heat capacity5 kW5 kW5 kW
Exhaus gas mass flow rate4,4 g/s4,4 g/s4,4 g/s
Delivery pressure12 Pa12 Pa12 Pa
CO (bez. 13 % O2)1067,3 mg/m31067,3 mg/m31067,3 mg/m3
NOx (bez. 15 % O2)126,3 mg/m3126,3 mg/m3126,3 mg/m3
Staub (bez. 13 % O2)29 mg/m329 mg/m329 mg/m3
Efficiency86 %86 %86 %

Main features and design

  • Elegant timeless design
  • Combustion chamber with large viewing window and effective window washing system
  • Three models available in distinctive different designs: Steel, Keramik, and Keramik+
  • B⁴ S Steel – very slim, in classic black
  • B⁴ S Keramik – elegant contemporary design cramic cover plate included
  • The wide variety of colours and surface materials also allow for very modern configurations
  • The B⁴ Keramik+ with fireclay filling is a compact storage stove with  high storage capacity
  • Individual design options through a wide choice of ceramic glazes and -surfaces
  • Choice between light or black cladding for the combustion chamber
  • Steel door for the wood compartment included
  • Four height adjustors allow you to adjust the stove to uneven floors
  • Flue connection either at the rear or on top of the B⁴ S

Function and quality – Made in Germany

  • Self-closing and -locking door with large viewing window
  • Simple control of the fire through precisely coordinated air supply regulation
  • Extremely solid combustion chamber made of 4 mm thick teel
  • Firebox lined with high-quality coloured vermiculite
  • Potential wear parts, can be replaced even after years, if necessary
  • External air supply connection (if required)
  • High effiency factor of 86 %
  • Energy Efficiency Class A+
  • Warranty extension (total 5 years) to the stove body on registering the product
  • Comprehensive service offering by the Bullerjan specialist dealers or Bullerjan customer service

Bullerjan stoves meet all requirements of modern, efficient wood heating. For almost 40 years now, the Bullerjan® Free Flow hot air stove has been characterised by its unique ability to heat rooms fast. Bullerjan is an example of extraordinary, functional design, comfortable heat, cosy atmosphere, easy and safe operation, reducing heating costs, highest manufacturing quality, safety and service quality – made in Germany*. * With the exception of dot and FF types 04 and 05 – made in the EU.E3

* With the exception of dot and Basic ovens - made in the EU