B³ Ceramics

The elegant, functional and space-saving storage fireplace stove B³ Keramik was created by the internationally awarded designer Sebastian Herkner. The ceramic is handmade in Germany and available in many colours. Optionally available with ChimCat catalyst as special equipment.

Free Flow FF17

The classic Bullerjan. Unchanged in its outer form for 40 years!
Technically, however, the combustion chamber of the FF17 model has been redesigned. Thanks to a partial lining of the combustion chamber with high-quality vermiculite and a patented combustion technology, the new series of the Free Flow now meets all requirements of the BImScHV (in Germany) and Art. 15a (in Austria) without a catalyst. Still the classic - further developed in keeping with the times.

Free Flow FF18

Bullerjan Free Flow FF18

Really big! Ideal for heating large rooms, event locations, etc. And at the same time, with two different thermal insulation covers, chic enough to be seen. With patented combustion technology!

Available in two performance classes:

FF18 type 03 with 20 kW and FF18 type 03 with 30 kW.

B² flex BOX Modell 2017

Der B² flex (5 kW) ist bereits aufgrund seiner geringen Größe sehr flexibel einsetzbar.
Stahl- und Keramikverkleidungen in vielen Glasuren machen ihn auch optisch äußerst variabel.

Now at a special price!

Bullerjan dot model 2017

With its classic, contemporary design, the dot already stands out from the crowd on the outside - but what is really special about it is the beauty of its fire. The deep, rounded and brightly lined combustion chamber forms an exceptionally beautiful combustion chamber, in which a particularly balanced and quiet combustion is possible. The large viewing window of the dot and its height in the room allow a full view of the easily controllable play of flames with its inimitable glow. In terms of environment and function, this stove exceeds all current requirements - its quality of workmanship makes it robust and extremely durable. The Bullerjan dot can be operated with logs as well as with brown coal briquettes. Nominal heat output: 6 kW



In return, we will extend the warranty on the steel body of your stove to five years free of charge.