B⁴ S in steel, ceramic and ceramic+

Elegant, stylish and versatile is the design of the new oven series B⁴ S. A clear language of form and harmonious proportions are given - but with an enormous selection of equipment variants the B⁴ S jedoch so gestalten, dass er sich entweder zurückhaltend elegant an den Einrichtungsstil anpasst oder zu einem echten Blickfang wird.

B⁴ Steel, Keramik and Keramik+

The elegant and extremely versatile Bullerjan B⁴. The large combustion chamber and the calm, well-balanced flame pattern enable unforgettable fireplace evenings. Optionally, the B⁴ can be equipped with steel or ceramic coating. The ceramic is available in two stylistically different designs and in many colour and surface variations.Designed by Sebastian Herkner

B³ Keramik

Our beauty. Once more designed by the internationally acclaimed designer Sebastian Herkner is the elegant, functional and space-saving B³ Keramik (3.9 to 6 kW).The heat storing ceramics are hand made in Germany and available in many colours.

Free Flow FF17

The classic Bullerjan. For 40 years in its outer form unchanged!
Technically, however, the combustion chamber of the FF17 model has been retreaded. By a partial lining of the combustion chamber with high-quality vermiculite, the new series of the Free Flow now already meets the requirements according to BImScHV (in Germany) and Art. 15a (in Austria) without catalyst. Still the classic - further developed in line with the times.

Free Flow FF18

Bullerjan Free Flow FF18

Really big! Ideal for heating large rooms, event venues, etc. And with two different thermal insulation claddings smart enough to be seen.

Available in two performance classes:

FF18 type 03 with 20 kW and FF18 type 04 with 30 kW.

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B² flex model 2017

The B² flex (3.9 to 6 kW) is already flexibly placeable due to its very modest space requirements.
Steel, ceramic or stone cladding allow for a wide variability of looks.
In addition there is the option of choosing between a rounded or straight front as well as from two different pedestals.

Now at a special price! Only directly at Bullerjan in the onlineshop!

Bullerjan dot model 2017

Its clear-cut and modern design and look makes the dot stand out – however, what really sets this stove apart is the beauty of its flames.
The deep, rounded and brightly lined fire chamber creates a very beautiful firebox, which enables exceptionally stable and balanced burning. The large and high window of the dot offers a perfect view of the easily regulated interplay of flames with its inimitable shine.
In regard to environmental and technical standards, the dot® exceeds all current requirements – its quality finishing makes it robust and durable.
The dot can be operated with wood logs as well as brown coal briquettes.
Nominal heat output: 6 kW


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In return we will extend the warranty on the steel body of your stove beyond the statutory period to a total of 5 years.

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