News 2016 / 2017:


B³ Keramik

A compact tiled stove in timeless design by Sebastian Herkner.

This storage stove is covered with hand-crafted massive storage ceramic material.

Very nice, compact design – flexible use for every room (RLU + NWL 5 kW of 3,9–6 kW ). Extremely efficient (efficiency up to 88 %) and exceptionally low emissions.
Created by the award-winning designer Sebastian Herkner.

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Free Flow FF17

The well known Bullerjan classics. More than ever a highly effective, reliable, safe and long-lasting heating device. We improved the combustion technology. By a partial coverage of the combustion chamber with high quality vermiculite, the Free Flow FF17 is able to meet all environmental requirements in Europe and Germany without using a catalytic converter.

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B² flex model 2017

New: Available also with rounded front.

The combustion of this model was modified and leads to an effectiveness up to 88 %. That makes the B² flex extremly ecological.

With equipment set of hand-crafted ceramic with smooth or corrugated surface, soap- or sandstone, straight or rounded front and with feet or BOX – you can influence over what your B² flex actually looks like. And you can always retrofit your B² flex.

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Bullerjan® Catalog


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Bullerjan® Extended warranty

ff-mit-feuerPlese register your Bullerjan® stove and help us to fight product piracy.

In return, we will extend the warranty on the body of your stove to a total of five years.