B³ Keramik

Our most exciting new product season is the elegant, functional and space-saving B³ Keramik (3.9 to 6 kW).

The B³ Keramik was designed by the internationally acclaimed designer Sebastian Herkner. The heat storing ceramics are hand made in Germany and available in many colours.


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Free Flow FF17

The Free Flow is a highly effective, reliable, safe and long-lasting heating device. The outward functional form of the Free Flow has remained unchanged for forty years now because it simply cannot be improved upon as a design for a pure hot air stove.

With the new model FF17 we redesigned the combustion chamber.

Lined with high-quality vermiculite, the Free Flow 2017 (FF17) meets all emissions requirements currently in force in Germany and Europe.


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Bullerjan dot Modell 2017

Its clear-cut and modern design and look makes the dot stand out – however, what really sets this stove apart is the beauty of its flames.

The deep, rounded and brightly lined fire chamber creates a very beautiful firebox, which enables exceptionally stable and balanced burning. The large and high window of the dot offers a perfect view of the easily regulated interplay of flames with its inimitable shine.

In regard to environmental and technical standards, the dot® exceeds all current requirements – its quality finishing makes it robust and durable.

The dot can be operated with wood logs as well as brown coal briquettes.

Nominal heat output: 5 kW

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B² flex model 2017

The B² flex (3.9 to 6 kW) is already flexibly placeable due to its very modest space requirements.

Steel, ceramic or stone cladding allow for a wide variability of looks.

In addition there is the option of choosing between a rounded (new for 2016/2017) or straight front as well as from two different pedestals.


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Bullerjan® Garantieverlängerung

Please register your Bullerjan® stove and help us to fight product piracy.

In return we will extend the warranty on the steel body of your stove beyond the statutory period to a total of 5 years.

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