Promotion Bullerjan Free Flow and Bullerjan O-models:

Special equipment at entry level price!

Take a chance and get your Bullerjan Free Flow in the equipment packages

  • MAPLE *

to the price of the basic version (CLASSIC I) with an advantage up to EUR 250.00 gross.

* not available for Type 02 (Energy efficiency:  14.7 KW)

Promotion period: Offer valid while stocks last.

Promotion until 31/05/2016:

Design stove Bullerjan dot: An extraordinary stove for little money!

The modern interpretation of the classic Bullerjan Free Flow - now with 25 % discount.

The B² of Bullerjan®. Leading in clean combustion.


The B² Ceramic and Ceramic+
The widely acknowledged young product designer Sebastian Herkner (winner of the of the prestigious EDIDA design award (Elle Deco International Design Awards) “young design talent of the year 2015”) has supplemented the environmentally pioneering stove Bullerjan B² with new functional and beautiful ceramic tiles. 

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Bullerjan GmbH
does not sell any products under
other brands as Bullerjan®


Warning: The Bullerjan GmbH does not have any direct business relationship with plagiat plagiat, plagiat, plagiat andplagiat.

Dear Madam / Sir,
In light of recent events we would like to advise you of the following:

We currently receive many inquiries and reactions of prospective customers whose searches for Bullerjan® - stoves have led them to the websites plagiat, plagiat plagiat, plagiat and plagiat

We seriously want to point out that these suppliers from Lithuania and Estonia are in no way related to Bullerjan GmbH. These vendors are neither authorized by us nor do we supply them through any traceable distribution channels. The use of the mark Bullerjan® in these web addresses takes place without our consent!

The majority of the images on these websites show unauthorized, i. e. illegal copies of our products (plagiarism). Original images are used without our permission.

Test purchases conducted by us have moreover revealed a significantly lower material and manufacturing quality compared to our original Bullerjan stoves. This corresponds with the low prices these providers offer.

PLEASE NOTE: Even user manuals, typeplates and the declaration of conformity for these stoves were also copied from our originals without our permission.

PLEASE NOTE: Plagiarism, in particular those purporting to have been produced by the original manufacturer, do not meet the national and European standards. These stoves will not be approved by the chimney sweep and can not be operated.
In some cases they may even pose a risk to life and limb.
Thank you for your attention!

Bullerjan® is our only brand!

In light of frequent inquiries, we would like to point out that products sold under brand names other than Bullerjan® are neither products manufactured by us nor products manufactured and sold by third parties under licence from us:

Products by the following brands are in no way related to original Bullerjan products:

Please see also the article "Verbraucher-Warnung: EU-Kontrolleure entdecken 2400 gefährliche Produkte" in the edition of the online magazine "Der Spiegel" dated 23/03/2015.

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